What's Included With Your Free Reiki Solas® Level 1 eCourse?

Discover the power of Reiki, learn how it's performed, what key areas you should be aware of and learn the basic practices needed to create a sacred space to heal yourself and others!

  • Live distant attunement channelled to you wherever you are in the world at your time of choosing!

  • Lifetime access to all ecourse material and your very own students area so you can learn at a pace to suit you!

  • Personal 1-on-1 guidance, training and full support from expert channeller, Yogi Ricky Mathieson!

How Reiki Solas® Training Will Benefit You

Reiki Solas® includes the training, attunement and practices required to live a joyful, healthy life while helping you develop spiritually.

  • Unlock Your Inner Power

    Receive instant chakra activation and learn the basic practices needed to channel energy.

  • Heal Your Physical Body

    Discover the techniques & symbols used to heal the body of pain, discomfort and disharmony.

  • Cleanse Your Environment

    Learn how to cleanse your environment of negative energy and create a sacred healing space.

No Credit Card Required

No Payment or Credit Card is Required for This Free Course

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Your Reiki Solas® Instructor

  • Yogi Ricky Mathieson

    Yogi Ricky Mathieson

    Ricky is an experienced Reiki Master and spiritual healer with over 19 years of energy channelling experience. Ricky is a certified Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Reiki Tummo Master and Kundalini Yoga Master. A published author and the founder of the Self Help Healing Institute for Self-Awareness, Ricky strives to help students realize their potential by reconnecting with the power of their Spiritual Heart. Ricky is a loving and compassionate spiritual teacher who has been trained in the ‘Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Technique of Transcendental Meditation’ and by a number of renowned Eastern Masters and Yogi’s in the science and art of Advanced Reiki and Meditation Yoga for the purpose of Self-Realization. Ricky traces his roots to a deep spiritual ancestry which includes many gifted healers, psychics and energy workers.
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Introduction To Reiki Solas®

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What Students Think of Reiki Solas®

Taken from Google Business Reviews

by Raphael Arnould

"I might need months if not years to master all the things that are in there."

by Raphael Arnould

"What Ricky is proposing here is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Reiki Level 1&2 was all about the practice of Reiki, and that was a great starting point. My approach to Reiki is more from a general spiritual growth point of view rather than a “need to heal this and that” point of view. His Level 3&4 program is just spot on for my needs, and I might need months if not years to master all the things that are in there."
By Jasmine Anderson

"I found his wisdom, knowledge, and energy absolutely amazing."

By Jasmine Anderson

"I have worked with Ricky and found his wisdom, knowledge and energy to be absolutely amazing compared with other energy workers."
By Innocentia Mwende

"The journey has been positive."

By Innocentia Mwende

"I received my distance attuned from Ricky earlier this month and I must say the experience was different (good). I enjoyed the attunement session and the journey has been positive, from feeling light and sleeping better to receiving nudging, that once I follow the outcome is always beneficial. I'm glad i took this course!"
By Ruta Gabalis

"I recommend it to all my clients."

By Ruta Gabalis

"Brilliant course, packed with information and extra stuff you would not get on a face-to-face course. Also, support is extraordinary. I am so impressed with the course that I recommend it to all my clients who are interested in learning Reiki."
By Pamela Taffe

"My life has already improved in leaps and bounds."

By Pamela Taffe

"Loved this course. Ricky is an awesome Teacher. My life has already improved in leaps and bounds. Would thoroughly recommend that anyone wanting to do Reiki, to do this course, I had already done Reiki 1 & 2 but this course is much more informative than my previous ones. Well done Ricky, thank you for sharing your awesome knowledge with us. Love and blessings xx"
By Oakley 24

"A blessing from God."

By Oakley 24

"My spiritual journey started about a year ago, and learning what I have from Ricky has been a blessing from God that I never expected to receive. I thank him every day now for allowing me to be part of his healing light."
By Kirsty Lyle

"Easy and clear to understand."

By Kirsty Lyle

"I have loved doing level 1 and 2, it's easy and clear to understand and simple enough to pick up quickly also. Thank you so much for a lovely course, I started on the free course and was hooked, so onto next, love and light. x"
By Helen Richards

"Would recommend it highly!"

By Helen Richards

"Very good course, easy to follow and very informative. Would recommend it highly!"

Get Your 29 Free Lessons + Free Attunement Now!

Begin your journey into Reiki Solas® for Free and start healing today!

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Lessons Included In Your Course

Reiki Solas® Level 1

  • 1
    Warmest Welcome!
    • A Message from Ricky
  • 2
  • 3
    • Exploring Your E-Course
    • Prepare To Change
    • 21-Days Cleansing Period
    • Post Attunement Self-Care & Self-Treatments
    • The Attunement Process & Arranging Your Attunement
  • 4
    Reiki Symbols
    • Understanding The Reiki Symbols
    • How to activate the Reiki symbols
    • The Reiki Level One Symbol - Choku Rei
  • 5
    Reiki Hand Positions
    • Reiki Hand Positions For Self-Treatments
  • 6
    Pre-channelling Preparations
    • The Three Pillars of Reiki
    • Cleansing and creating sacred space
  • 7
    Reiki Techniques
    • Sacred Smudging Ceremony
    • Kenyoku-Ho (Dry Bathing Technique)
    • Byosen Scanning
    • How To Perform A Complete Reiki Treatment
  • 8
    • ASSIGNMENT: 21-Day Mind & Energy Programming Challenge
  • 9
    Join Our Facebook Group Page & Keep in touch!
    • Join Our Facebook Group Page

Learn Reiki Solas® Free

This is the beginning of the new You!

One thing I promise to all my students is positive change! With my guidance and coaching I promise to help you create a happier, more peaceful and joyful life.
Learn Reiki Solas® Free

Get Your 29 Free Lessons + Free Attunement Now!

Begin your journey into Reiki Solas® for Free and start healing today!

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FAQ About Reiki Solas®

  • I have no experience of Reiki, energy healing or spiritual practices. Can I still enroll on this course?

    Yes, absolutely. You do not need any prior experience, training or knowledge to take this course. Reiki Solas Level 1 is designed for the complete beginner, and will give you a firm foundation for further study.

  • I'm a religious person. Are these courses appropriate for me given my beliefs?

    Yes, Reiki Solas is not associated with any religion. The core training of Reiki Solas teaches how to have a direct spiritual experience with The Source. There are no dogmas or beliefs taught with this training. Your direct experience is your teacher.

  • I live in a different country. Can I still receive the Reiki attunement?

    Yes, you can. All attunements are performed remotely from a distance while I sit in meditation. You will be able to book a day and time to sit in silence for 15 minutes and receive your energy attunement.

  • Is there a time limit for completing my Reiki course?

    No, there are no time limits or restraints for completing your Reiki course. You have lifetime access to all course material and you can take as long as you like to complete your training.

  • Can I offer healing sessions to the public after taking your course?

    After completing your full Reiki Solas Level 1&2 course you will be qualified to give treatments to your clients and the general public.

  • Will I receive a certified qualification after taking your Reiki course?

    Certificates of completion are issued for paid courses only, that's from the full Reiki Solas level 1&2 course onward.

  • I have already received Reiki training. Will I learn anything new from your course?

    Yes, most likely. Reiki Solas is an advanced form of energy channelling that's used for spiritual development, as well as self-healing. The majority of students are experienced in other forms of Reiki, yet find the training to be more complete, in-depth and advanced than most other forms of spiritual healing.

  • I have more questions to ask. Who can I contact for more information?

    You can contact Ricky directly at the following email address: help@selfhelphealing.co.uk. Alternatively, contact Ricky within your course dashboard by clicking your profile picture, then clicking 'Support' and send your email, or ask questions within the 'Discussions' area in each course lecture.